Kona Rescue Mission News

Back To School Supplies

The Kona Rescue Mission team up with other charity organizations to give back school supplies to the Lawrenceville community at the Rhode Jordan Park - Atlanta, GA

They Are Prepared To Serve

The Kona Rescue Mission team is preparing for the distribution of school supplies to the community.

School Supplies Is Here

The Kona Rescue Mission team is getting the school supplies ready for distribution to various schools.

Awaiting Hope

KRM in the community restoring hope to children. The difference is what matter.

Educate Me Event

In good and bad times, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs. The KRM and it's donors meet the needs of the communities we served.

They Are Grateful

The Kona Rescue Mission giving school supplies to the Nimbly Brother Elementary.

They Embraced Your Help

Students at the Moses Klay elementary receiving supplies from the Kona Rescue Mission.

Nation of Christ Church

The Nation of Christ Church donating school supplies to the Kona Rescue Mission for children in Africa.

New hand pump brought relief

The Duazon community was grateful to received a hand pump to served over 200 resident


Kona Rescue Mission is in process of opening a school in Liberia. So we are kindly asking everyone to please help us with any donation you have. Our goal is to start with 300 chairs for now. Each arm chair Cost $10 a piece . The first fifty chairs are completed. Please help us by making a donation.

Our Volunteers